Registration In Monshaat

As King Abdullah International Medical Research Center  launched  recently its Medical Biotechnology Park (Biotech Park) as a new emerging technology and compatible businesses incubator , KAIMRC took the first step and registered the biotech park  with Monsha’at as a biotechnology incubator.

Monsha’at  is The Small And Medium Enterprises Authority that is working on supporting, promoting  enterprise development in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in accordance with the best international practices, in addition to contributing to to  increasing the capacity of the Saudi economy,  to generating employment  opportunities, and to contributing to the localization of technology, as well as increasing productivity.

Now, that KAIMRC Medical Biotechnology Park is licensed through  Monsha’at, this will open the doors for our incubator to be connected with Monshaat’s partners and network in the system of entrepreneurship in the Kingdom to collaborate and to exchange best practices and experiences. In addition, being part of Saudi incubators will give the opportunity to KAIMRC Biotech park to be presented and promoted in international industrial and business networks, forums and conferences regionally and globally.

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