KAIMRC-BE is a KSA Clinical Research and Bioanalytical company Headquartered at KAIMRC Medical Biotechnology Park with focus on testing generic drug and conducting clinical research.

The objectives of the bioequivalence project are:

  • To establish state of art Bioequivalence facility in KAIMRC/MNG-HA.
  • To improve the quality of generic drugs and health outcome for KSA and regionally.
  • To establish strategic presence in the region taking advantage of the market potential.
  • To build a profitable & cost effective venture.

KAIMRC-BE Business Concept Overview:

  • Clinical.
  • Bioanalytical.
  • Other (TDM, Quality, Abused drugs…..).

Bioanalytical Unit Operation:

  • Generic Drugs.
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM).
  • Quality Control Test for the Pharmaceutical drugs delivered to the MNG-HA and Other Health Organizations and private sector.